DC Connectors -10 Pc


Qty : 10DC x 1 Set

White & RED PVC

Copper Wire for better DC

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DC Connectors -10 Pc

DC connectors, also known as direct current connectors, are electrical connectors specifically designed for direct current (DC) power transmission. They are commonly used in various electronic devices, power supplies, and electrical systems.

They come in different sizes, shapes, and configurations, each suited for specific applications. Some common types of them include:

  1. Barrel connectors: These connectors consist of a cylindrical shape with a male pin (center positive) and a female socket (center negative) configuration. They are widely used in consumer electronics, such as laptops, routers, and audio equipment.
  2. Coaxial connectors: Coaxial  connectors, such as the popular “F” type connector, are commonly used in television and cable systems to transmit both power and RF signals.
  3. Powerpole connectors: Powerpole connectors are modular connectors commonly used in amateur radio, automotive, and power distribution applications. They allow for quick and easy connections and disconnections.


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