EZVIZ CS-H8C-R100 PAN TILT WIFI CAMERA, Drill Template, Screw Kit, Waterproof Kit, Power Adapter, Regulatory Information, Quick Start Guide

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EZVIZ CS-H8C-R100 PAN TILT WIFI CAMERA offers 360-degree vision means no gray areas: The motorized H8c reduces blind spots in monitoring so you see every corner that matters. It renders sharp images in 1080p resolution, too. With only one affordable H8c, you can stay informed with both the bigger picture and the small details.
Detect and track the crucial moments: The H8c distinguishes people from pets or insignificant moving objects. When human activity gets detected, the camera will lock on the target and automatically rotate to follow the movement. Nothing will easily escape your attention.
Hear and speak with visitors as if you were there: With the H8c, you can simply use your smartphone to hear and speak to a deliveryman, greet guests, or ask strangers to leave your property – even if you’re not home.
Elegant design with reliable Wi-Fi connection: Compact in design to go under the eaves or on an exterior wall, the H8c comes equipped with high-performance, built-in dual antennas to ensure stable, strong camera connection.
Sturdy and durable for everyday use: EZVIZ designed the H8c to bring simple, long-lasting, and worry-free protection to every family. Its weatherproof enclosure stands strong even in harsh weather.

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