Cp plus DVR 4 Ch CP-UVR-0401E1-CV2 1080N

CP Plus DVR 16 Ch CP-UVR-1601E1-HC Cosmic dvr

CP Plus DVR 16 Ch CP-UVR-1601E1-HC Cosmic dvr is a digital video recorder that supports up to 16 channels of video input. It is compatible with a wide range of cameras, including CP Plus analog cameras, AHD cameras, and IP cameras. The DVR is equipped with H.264 video compression technology, which allows for efficient storage and transmission of high-quality video footage. It has a recording resolution of up to 1080p and supports various recording modes such as continuous, scheduled, and motion detection. The DVR also has features like video backup, USB support, remote viewing, and playback. It can be controlled through a web browser, smartphone app, or a dedicated CMS software provided by CP Plus. The CP-UVR-1601E1-HC Cosmic DVR is suitable for use in various environments, such as homes, offices, and retail stores.

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