Hikvision iDS-7208HUHI-M1-F/A 8Ch Dvr


The iDS-7204HUHI-M1/FA is a 4-port DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that supports up to 5MP resolution cameras. It features ACCUSENSE technology, which enables intelligent video analysis, such as intrusion detection, line crossing detection, and object removal detection.

This DVR is designed to provide high-quality video recording and playback for surveillance systems. It supports H.264+ video compression, which helps to optimize storage space while maintaining good image quality. With its 4 ports, it can accommodate up to 4 cameras for simultaneous recording.

Additionally, the iDS-7204HUHI-M1/FA supports various storage options, including internal HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and external storage devices. It also offers multiple network protocols for remote access, allowing you to view and manage the surveillance footage from anywhere using a compatible device and software.

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